The Muthafluff Lowdown to Different Types of T-Shirt Necklines Men Should Know

The Muthafluff Lowdown to Different Types of T-Shirt Necklines Men Should Know

T-shirts are reputed to be comfortable and affordable for both men and women. They feature several attributes like soft material, comfortable and stretchy necks, and tightly hemmed sleeves. Men's t-shirts also come with a variety of necklines. 

graphics T shirt is more attractive and appealing since it can be bought in already styled form or personalized based on available resources. Graphic Tees are T-shirts featuring some image or graphic design.

Graphic Tees can be embellished in several ways, such as embroidery, screen printing and painting. Some popular designs on such T-shirts include brand logos and sports graphics. They are much-loved souvenirs because they are relatively cheap and easy to store and pack.

Popular designs on T-shirts may be works of art or animals, as well as logos of various brands. Graphic tees men can serve as casual work attire since they are both comfortable and offer a professional and unified look.

Though the qualities of design and materials can differ, graphic tees are a cheap and fun addition to any wardrobe. They are simple and versatile, suiting needs like fun designs for the whole T-shirt, logos representing specific brands, etc.

They look superlative as tops with jeans or even stylish bottoms. They can deliver a pop of colour to the whole ensemble or showcase a stunning design. Such simple attire suits any occasion, from a simple affair like lounging to an extravagant one like a party or a wedding.

But a T-shirt is not simply a T-shirt. The most distinguishing features of different T-shorts are their necklines. When shopping for a new T-shirt, you must know what necklines you want to simplify the process. In case you zero into the styles of necklines based on what flatters you most or is suitable for the occasion, choosing the right Graphics Tee becomes a breeze.

Knowing the variations between different necklines will aid you in identifying the specific style you seek based on who will don it and for the sake of what event. Each neckline serves a unique purpose and origin and will flatter different body types in various ways.

Following are the main kinds of necklines for Graphics Tees identified by Muthafluff, which can help you select the right one while shopping off-line or online:

Crewneck T-Shirts

These T-shirts feature circular-shaped necklines that sit close to the neck. Typically, this style features a band of varying widths that are either raw or stitched. Though some consider the crewneck a round neck, they are not the same. A crewneck is more rounded than a typical round neck.

The crewneck is the most popular T-shirt for most people. It is so named because of its popularity among sailors or ship crew. Such necklines are simple and match all kinds of styles.

When you wear a graphics tee with a crewneck, you can dress it up or keep it simple. For a casual vibe, pair a white coloured T-shirt with blue jeans. For more formal wear, pair a bright-coloured crewneck Tee as a standalone or under a button-down shirt for some great layering. Crewneck T-shirts are great for incorporating graphics since there is lots of room for the same.


This is another popular neckline. It is cut into the shape of a 'V,' with the tip of the 'V' ending above the chest area. The origin of this neckline can be traced to the Middle East.

Traditionally, the V shape in men's style is much smaller, exposing only a small portion of the upper chest. The V-neck T-shirt is a sophisticated alternative to the classic crewneck. It is ideal for those seeking to highlight their upper body since the V-shaped neckline draws attention to the chest and elongates the neck.

This type of T-shirt suits both semi-formal and casual occasions, offering style and comfort. It can be paired with tailored trousers to gain a bright yet casual look or on its own to showcase a relaxed look. But a key factor is to keep the design moderate -avoid V-shaped necklines that plunge extra deep to maintain a fashionable yet tasteful vibe.

Henley Neck

This neckline combines the qualities of both a button-down shirt and a crew neck; it features a buttoned placket with a round neckline. Such a hybrid style contributes a dollop of vintage charm to one's collection of T-shirts. It helps create a versatile option ideal for varied occasions.

Buttons of the Henley neckline, mostly two to five in number, contribute a subtle touch that sets this neckline much apart from other styles. These T-shirts can be paired with Chinos or Jeans for a casual outing or layered beneath a jacket to accomplish a refined vibe. The Henley neckline strikes the best balance between contemporary and classic, making it mandatory for all men's wardrobes.

Scoop Neck

T-shirts with this neckline provide a bold and unique look for those seeking to be different. The scoop neckline has a U-shaped, wide neckline that extends near the chest and contributes a touch of audacious flair to your whole attire.

Such a style complements a wide range of body shapes, rendering it a popular option for fashion-conscious men. While choosing a scoop neckline T-shirt, pay attention to the depth of the scoop. When this plunge is moderate, the right balance between tasteful and edgy style is struck. You may experiment with patterns and colours to make a statement or pair them with shorts or slim-fit trousers for a modern look that exudes confidence.

Deep Scoop Neckline

Like the deep V-neck, this neckline can be rocked by both women and men. This daring style is often deeper for the men's version than the women's version.

Mock Neck

A distant cousin of the turtle neck, the mock-neck is ideal for moderately cold, early winter days when you want extra coverage while it is not too cold. It extends to the Adam's apple and is often a surrogate of a stand collar.

Polo Neckline

Slightly different from all other kinds, regarded by many as a different breed of T-shirts, Polo shirts are mostly a version of the neckline only. To gain a formal feel, you must add buttons and collars.

Bateau Neckline

Referred to also as a boat neckline, this neckline features a wide shape, which makes the shoulders of the wearer look broader, balancing out the figures of both men and women.

In sum, in the wide world of men's fashion, T-shirt necklines play a vital role in defining one's style. Every style has a unique charm, from daring scoop necks to classic crewnecks. By knowing the features of these necklines, men can add various types of graphic T-shirts to add value to their wardrobe.

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